Date: 28th May 2014 at 4:20pm
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As the big fight, the re-match between Carl Froch and George Groves draws ever-nearer, the pugilistic public are anticipating something extraordinary from the fight.

Already Carl Froch has intimated that George Groves will never be a world champion, suggesting that certain something is missing and it hasn?t taken long for Groves to reply.

When asked if Saturday night would be the end of what has been a glittering career for Froch, Groves replied,

?Will Saturday night be the end of Froch?s career? If I was a betting man, I?d say ?Yes?

?He talks about his stellar career, he talks about his legacy, he talks like a man who is at the end of his career and has had enough of the fight game.?

Interesting words from the challenger there and when Groves was further probed on why he believes Froch has chosen to carry on rather than retire, Groves added,

?Probably money, probably pride, probably temptation, probably ego prevented him from retiring off the back of the last fight.?

?Froch is involved in what has been billed as the biggest fight in British history, so I?m sure he is happy with that and what it brings.?

?But once I beat him, then he can start talking about legacy again?real legacy is when you are gone and forgotten. When I get the world titles I should have won in November before I was robbed, fight fans will witness the official changing of the guard in the super-middleweight division.?

?Beating Froch will push me into the forefront of British boxing, not just in the division.?

It certainly will although if Groves does emerge triumphant and with it then being one win for Groves and one win for Froch, would there be a clamour for a third fight or will the fact that Groves managed to get it into his contract that there are no ties regarding his future prevent that?

Your views would be most appreciated!