Date: 24th July 2013 at 4:59pm
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The news that broke yesterday, relating to another all-British world title clash, has really whet the appetite.

With David Haye set to face Tyson Fury, in September, we?re also now hugely anticipating the clash between Carl Froch and the unbeaten George Groves.

As expected, Froch hasn?t been slow in cranking up the ante and has already questioned Groves ability to mix it in the ring claiming that his victory over James DeGale bored the watching audience rigid with his hit and move away policy.

In fact Froch was, you get the feeling, trying to lure Groves into an all-out tear up which had Groves replying, to the media,

?It?s interesting that Carl is already asking me to conform to a certain style. Why??

?I have a few variations on how to approach this fight but Carl is one-dimensional and likes to walk forward and brawl.?

?It?s worked well for him so far but why is he asking me to conform to his style??

?I did not expect to hear this much desperation this early in the build up.?

I get the impression that Groves, the underdog, is determined to keep calm in the build-up to the fight and go about things in his own way and if he has to box Froch and keep him at arms length then he?ll do his hardest to do so, and can you really blame him?


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