Date: 14th February 2014 at 11:21am
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With the re-match announced, it hasn?t taken the two fighters, Carl Froch and George Groves, to have their say.

In this article we?ll concentrate on the challenger, a fighter many believe was hard-done by first time around and who fought tooth and nail to get a re-match, George Groves.

Talking to the media after the fight had been confirmed, Groves spoke about his journey to get a re-match, the cost and exactly what he aims to do on the night.

Take it away George,

?I flew around the world with my lawyer leaving no stone unturned to get the re-match ordered..?

?The money got swallowed up on air fares, hotel rooms, specialist reports into bias and how people are affected by pressure ? and I had to pay for the IBF hearing into the result.?

?That 20 grand was the best money I have spent and it?s probably the biggest victory of my life so far?but come May the best victory of all will be stopping Froch.?

?I have a re-match now and I will put the record straight by walking out of the arena, whichever one it is, with both of Froch?s titles.?

Groves earned a lot of respect in the first fight, his style caused Froch problems, the champion was floored in the first round but it remains to be seen whether Groves can dominate the ageing champion a second time around?????but my feeling is that revenge burns deep and if Groves was focussed last time, he?ll be even more focussed this time around and will be absolutely desperate to leave which ever arena the fight is staged in with those two belts.