Date: 15th May 2015 at 5:49pm
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As big fight draws nearer.

I?m still not sure, apart from the fact they both have the same promotional team, how Kell Brook and Frankie Gavin have been matched for the IBF welterweight belt held by Brook.

With all the talk of getting in the ring with Khan have been ended, I kind of hoped Brook would entice a big-name to the UK for his second defence, instead they?ve settled on giving Frankie Gavin a shot at the world title holder.

It?s a puzzling choice considering that only as recently as 2014 Gavin was beaten by Leonard Bundu but, despite that loss, Gavin reckons he has what it takes to pull off what would be a big shock against unbeaten Brook.

This is what Gavin had to say about the impending fight,

?I expect to come out on top. I know Kell Brook is a great fighter but I can beat him. I?ve got the style to beat him,?

?I?m a good counter-puncher and I think technically I?ll be the best fighter Kell will have been in with. I think many would agree.?

I wouldn?t but boxing can be a strange sport and you can never discount anyone who has the burning ambition Gavin appears to have.