Date: 18th September 2014 at 5:35pm
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The Ponds Forge Arena, in Sheffield, will see Kid Galahad take on the Brazilian fighter Adeilson Dos Santos for the vacant IBF Youth title.

Dos Santos is recognized as a heavy hitter and it could be a hard nights work for Galahad.

However Galahad, having seen the super-bantamweight division dominated by Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg in recent weeks, reckons he could beat both of his domestic rivals on the same night.

Speaking about Scott Quigg, Galahad has remarked,

?Quigg put on a good performance and did what he had to do, but his opponent (Stephane Jamoye) isn?t even really a European-level fighter, at least not at super-bantamweight.?

?He was a lot smaller than Quigg and didn?t come with anything to hurt him. But you can only beat the person put in front of you and Quigg did well under the circumstances.?

?The thing is, I don?t think Scott Quigg has boxed anybody world-class yet. I personally think Jazza Dickens would beat Scott Quigg if they fought. I wouldn?t even be that competitive.?

And as for Carl Frampton, the brash youngster has remarked,

?I thought he boxed well,? he said. ?(Kiko) Martinez is tough and put up a good fight, but he also looked a little gun-shy and was wary of Frampton?s power because of what happened last time they met.?

?Again, though, Kiko was happy to give and take punishment. That made it easy for Frampton to outbox him. But when you get in the ring with me, I don?t give you those chances. You?re only taking punishment with me.?

?I personally believe I?d give Frampton a lot of trouble. There?s not much you can do against the kind of style I?ve got. Getting in the ring with me is like playing a game of chess with a Grandmaster.?

When pressed on how he believed a fight between Frampton and Quigg might end up, Galahad further added,

?I think it would be an easy night for Frampton,? he said. ?He?d go in there and do something similar to what he did against Kiko. He might even stop Quigg. He?s much more technical than Quigg and better all-round.?

But finishing with a real pearl of a quote, Galahad topped everything he?d said previously by remarking,

?I?m fully confident I?ll fight for a world title next year. And I really hope I?ll fight either Scott Quigg or Carl Frampton. Either of them will do. I personally believe I?d beat them both on the same night.?

Galahad?s fight against Dos Santos can be seen on live on Channel 5 this Saturday evening, it promises to be quite an affair, tune in, don?t miss it!