Date: 3rd May 2017 at 4:42pm
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Following his victory against Wladimir Klitschko, at Wembley Stadium, on Saturday night, there is a clamour for the new darling of the British sporting world to be matched against Tyson Fury.

It?s a fight that many boxing fans would love to see, a genuine good-guy against somebody who some see as the bad-guy.

Both boxers, in the aftermath of Anthony Joshua?s fine win, seem to want the fight with AJ quoted by the media as having remarked,

?It would be nice to fight a real villain. It would get some attention and get everyone talking ? it?d be buzzing.

?Could it live up to last Saturday night? I think we could definitely find someone I could dance with again.?

With Tyson Fury retorting,

?I?m sure I can beat AJ with one arm tied behind my back.

?I don?t even need a warm-up. I have been out of the ring as long as Klitschko but the difference is I am 41, I am not 28.

?I?m still #1 AJ?s just a pumped up weightlifter.?

However, despite both boxers being keen to meet, there doesn?t appear to be much chance of it happening in the immediate future with Joshua?s promoter, Eddie Hearn, quoted as having remarked to the media,

‘He is miles away from fighting. He is in a terrible physical way at the moment. He doesn’t have a licence, he needs to go back to the board, and he is under investigation for (an alleged) failed (doping) test.

‘There is no one that wants to see him back more than me, but it is miles away. He is not the next fight because he won’t be ready in time.’

Eddie does have a point does he not?