Date: 1st March 2017 at 12:02pm
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Now whether Tyson Fury will ever climb into the ring again remains to be seen.

Since defeating Wladimir Klitschko, back in 2015, Tyson hasn?t climbed back into a ring in anger.

The clutch of world title belts he possessed have long since gone and despite exiting the scene unbeaten, it does seem to be a long road back.

However, Tyson has been spotted out and about, the latest sighting, as published in The Sun, shows Tyson stood alongside the owner of a Kebab Shop, in Anglesey, Wales.

Looking, how do we put this politely, quite bulky; a member of the kebab shop staff, a gentleman going by the name of Carlos, is quoted as having remarked,

?Saturday was the first time we?d seen him in the shop.

?He was lovely to talk to and was happy to pose for a photo.

?We hope he?s back soon as it?s caused quite a buzz in the town.?

I imagine it would, but not as much as a buzz as when Tyson climbs back into the ring again to resume his boxing career.