Date: 21st November 2013 at 4:44pm
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Has the postponement of the fight against David Haye got to Tyson Fury?

Well it appears so with a tweet appearing that Tyson has had his fill of the boxing game and is chucking it all in, with the tweet reading,

?I have officially retired from boxing. There are too many bent people in the sport.?

Now quite who Tyson is referring to we don?t know but, hopefully, the tweet was sent at a low moment and Fury can be enticed to go on, his promoter Mick Hennessey, seems optimistic that will be the case, commenting about Tyson?s tweet,

?Tyson just needs time. He really wanted David Haye and it?s disgraceful what?s happened.?

Not sure about disgraceful being the right word but it just always seemed one of those match-ups you suspected wouldn?t happen, just a gut feeling.

However, to retire now would be a mistake, although people criticize Tyson he is still unbeaten and that?s something you can?t knock!


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  • think this is just a knee jerk reaction to the disappointment. am guessing we will see him back in the ring very soon

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