Date: 10th June 2013 at 4:50pm
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If the names are put to the contract, it is, I think you?ll all agree; a fight that won?t need any hype to sell out.

But when you have two fighters like Tyson Fury and David Haye, both not short of self-confidence, you just know the verbal jousting will add a little spice to the event.

As you might expect, Fury has been the first to unleash a verbal tirade as we settle down to the prospect of a titanic British clash taking part.

The unbeaten twenty-four year old, never short of a word or two, has had this to say about standing toe-to-toe with the former champion of the world,

?Me against Haye is the biggest fight in world heavyweight boxing now.?

?Fans don?t want to see two boring fighters dancing around as if it were Come Dancing on TV.?

?Fight fans want to see two explosive punchers going for it. Haye will get knocked out in spectacular style.?

I see young Tyson is being as modest as ever!

However, one thing we can be sure of, when these two collide please don?t blink as you might just miss the vital blow!


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