Date: 30th April 2014 at 4:46pm
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I always anticipated that, as the date for their July tussle draws nearer, the darker side of life might come into the equation.

And, flicking through the papers this morning it would appear that is just the case.

With the heavyweight scene opening up at world title level the re-match between Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora gives both fighters the opportunity to jump aboard the world heavyweight title gravy train.

However, it would appear that the fight, between the two, taking part is now in doubt.

Fury, via his Twitter account, has intimated that he?s prepared to pull out unless he?s convinced that Chisora isn?t on steroids with Tyson tweeting,

?I?m sure Chisora is taking steroids, I wanted him tested ASAP.?

?If there is not ample testing throughout this fight build-up, I will not be taking part in this fight. Boxing should be drug free.?

Naturally, Chisora was forced into a response, a response that reads,

?I?m clean, he?s just looking for a way out. He knows what?s coming, the end of his career.?

All colourful stuff, but of a darker nature, whether Tyson has any serious intentions or whether it?s all a bluff remains to be seen!