Date: 7th August 2015 at 4:59pm
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Our wonderful sport is littered with boxers that retire and then, for one reason or another decide to make a comeback.

Many make a successful return; others fall flat on their faces.

Personally, my admiration goes to men like Joe Calzaghe and Lennox Lewis, two champions who called it a day and didn?t swerve from that decision.

It only seems like ten minutes ago that Carl Froch announced his retirement, inferring that the mental desire had ebbed away.

Today though, Froch has given the inference that he might be one of those that does make a comeback with the 38-year-old Nottingham fighter remarking to the media and in quotes that the BBC has picked up on,

‘I?ve always said never say never, I think it would be a mistake. I don?t know how I?ll feel next year. I?m still fit.

‘I feel capable I could do it again but mentally the desire is not there, but if I wake up one morning in a few months and I fancy competing again, I think I?d be fit enough to do it.’

Don?t do it Carl, don?t tarnish the legacy you?ve built during a successful career because the urge might tease you to do something you shouldn?t.