Date: 20th January 2014 at 4:38pm
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Snippets appearing in the media suggest that moves are afoot, just like many pundits believe they should be, to get Carl Froch and George Groves back in the ring again.

The controversial manner in which their previous super-middleweight title fight ended meant that a re-match was always going to be on the cards, it just, s they say, needed all the ends tying together.

Well the snippets I previously mentioned, infer that although moves are afoot a little thing called time might prove to be the crucial factor.

Eddie Hearn, discussing the road ahead with regards to getting the two combatants in the ring has been quoted, in the media, as having remarked about the difficult situation,

?Carl?s not sure about it.?

?The Groves fight is the biggest financially, but I don?t think Carl feels he needs it. The public wants it but as far as he?s concerned he has beaten Groves.?

?I?ll put the options on the table and the fighter generally chooses the fight which is the biggest financially. I think deep down Carl will want to do a job on George Groves before he retires because he doesn?t like him at all. The animosity is genuine.?

?We?re already talking to venues about doing it at the end of May before the World Cup, but if it drags on in the negotiation process, George will look at other options.?

It seems to be that getting what the public want, what the public deserve and something that?ll decree who is the better of the two men, is down to financial matters rather than anything else. Hopefully, common sense will prevail and the nation will get what it deserves!