Date: 21st November 2013 at 4:49pm
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As the day draws closer, it?s time to take a look at what the champion, Carl Froch, has to say about his challenger, George Groves.

It?s fair to say that the two are never going to be the best of friends and I?m not really sure that there?s any respect between the pair.

Froch believes that Groves is jealous of what he?s achieved and in the build-up to the clash has, remarkably, pin-pointed exactly when he reckon Groves became a green-eyed jealous monster remarking to the media scrum hanging on to his every word,

?I know when it all started and why ? jealousy. Jealousy from George Groves.?

?I saw that jealousy when I beat Bute.?

?At ringside, I saw his former trainer Adam Booth happy and cheering and punching the air and I saw George Groves looking like his world had just ended.?

?I knocked Bute over, I celebrated, everyone was happy and he was pig sick. I thought ?What?s his problem?? I knew exactly what it was, he?s jealous of me.?

I?m not sure what Froch aims to achieve with such an outburst, I can only assume that Saint Grroge has gotten under his skin!