Date: 28th May 2014 at 4:22pm
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There appears to be some confusion over who exactly issued the objection to the American, Charlie Fitch, taking control of the Froch v Groves re-match this Saturday.

Initially, it appeared that it was the Groves camp who challenged the appointment but that has now been put in doubt with Groves suggesting it came from Froch?s camp to try and pant him in a bad light with Groves commenting to the media,

?Maybe they are trying to make out that we don?t like him so that maybe he won?t like me.?

?If Mr Fitch is working on Saturday, we are happy with him. I don?t have a problem with him.?

?The officials won?t necessarily be playing that much of a part because this fight is not going to get to 12 rounds.?

?I just want to make sure the referee doesn?t stop it for any reason. Froch will not be able to take the punishment I will be dishing out.?

?Great Britain will have a new world champion come Saturday ? me.?

And, as it turns out, any objection to Charlie Fitch taking charge of the bout has been summarily dismissed by the IBF.

Let?s get it on!