Date: 13th July 2017 at 10:16am
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This Saturday evening, at Wembley Arena, Chris Eubank Jnr makes the first defence of his IBO super-middleweight belt.

Eubank will be taking on the vastly experienced but aging Arthur Abraham, with the winner set to join the World Boxing Series competition that could re-write the future of our fine sport.

Ahead of the fight at Wembley, Chris Eubank Snr has been stirring things up.

The former world champion, now 50-years-of-age, has come out with some controversial remarks talking about a ?warrior code? and the habit of boxers throwing in the towel.

Eubank Snr, always something of an inflammatory character, has remarked to the BBC,

‘Can you take a beating? When you have, bow and accept it like a gentleman.

‘That is the cut of the man you want your own son to be.’

Recently, Eubank Snr criticised Kell Brook after the former IBF welterweight champion dropped to his knee to get the fight stopped against Errol Spence after the Sheffield fighter had suffered a broken eye socket for the second consecutive fight.

Now whilst Eubank Snr?s words may be taking bravado to a higher level, our view is that if a boxer knows he is in trouble then he?s every right to either stop fighting or for his corner to throw in the towel.

There?s been enough tragedies in this sport without the tally being added to.