Date: 24th November 2014 at 7:05pm
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One of the hugely anticipated fights at the Excel Arena, in London, this Saturday night, is the middleweight clash Between Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Junior.

It?s one of those fights that many are finding hard to call, with pundits suggesting that it could really go either way.

Today the pair met at a press conference with that being a rarity considering the Eubank camp didn?t show-up last time out.

However, it was a confident Eubank Jnr that faced the press and there was a lively exchange of banter between the two, which started off with Eubank Jnr remarking,

?It?s part of the job.?

?I?ve come along without security, without my father and without my trainer. I told my father to stay at home and put his feet up. He doesn?t need to listen to Saunders go on and on for an hour. I know I haven?t turned up before but quite frankly I?ve had more important things to do. Like training.?

An opening gambit which prompted the laughing Saunders to retort,

?Listen to this guy, ?I?ve left my dad at home?,?

?Ha. I bet his dad is in the car park. Mind you, he can travel alone now he?s 25.?

With the conversation flowing, Saunders tried to get Eubank to commit to the previously mentioned £100,000 charity bet but that sort of fell apart with Eubank not really showing too much of an interest.

Instead Eubank tried to rile Saunders by remarking,

?He is a walking contradiction, saying that. He says I?ve jumped the line but all he?s done is talk about me for the last two years.?

?He?s been saying he?s going to beat me up but I didn?t know who he was until his name was mentioned to me. I had to YouTube him to see who he was, and I thought, ?Yeah, okay, I?ll fight him.? It should have been me gunning for him, chasing him, because he?s the champion.?

Forcing Saunders to snap back,

?Yeah, it will be a privilege to share the ring with Chris Eubank Jnr.?

Forcing Eubank to replay,

?It will be one you?ll regret.?

But it wouldn?t have been a decent interview if Eubank hadn?t of reminded Saunders of his threat to retire if he was beaten by him with the conversation flowing and being attention gripping.

Eubank started it by remarking,

?I?ll tell him at the end of the fourth, ?If you don?t stop me in the next round you?re kissing goodbye to your career?.?

Jimmy Tibbs, drawn into the engaging game-plan tried to ruffle the feathers of Eubank by insisting Saunders will stick to a fight-plan, prompting Eubank to respond,

?That?s where we?re different.?

?I don?t need someone telling me what to do. I don?t need my father or Ronnie Davies telling me what to do because I?ll figure it out myself.?

Prompting Tibbs to respond,

?You don?t need a trainer??

?Then you?re one in a million you are.?

To which Eubank replied,

?That?s exactly what I am. One in a million.?

I?d suggest that?s round one to Eubank Junior, how about you?