Date: 5th December 2016 at 5:47pm
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Could Floyd Mayweather Jnr be tempted out of retirement for what many feel could be a freak show?

Well if the UFC fighter Conor McGregor has his way that could be the case.

There has been ?noise? in circulation for many months that Mayweather may be tempted to take on McGregor but in recent days the noise has been cranked up more with McGregor having obtained a boxing licence.

Whilst Mayweather Jnr may have shown some interest a while ago, I?m not so sure that is the case anymore.

Putting together such a bout would be a complicated matter. Discussions over the purse split would be contentious, although perhaps it has to be said that the public wouldn?t have any problem snapping up the tickets for the freak show.

But if it were to happen, it seems McGregor has no doubts as to how it would end with the UFC world title holder remarking to the media,

?If I focus with the work ethic I have solely on the sport of boxing, there?s no telling what I could do.

?I?d go in there to knock him out. That?s it. He can be hit, he?s been hit before. Age waits for no man. I know the size is on my side, I know the reach is on my side, I know the youth is on my side.?

Although some might consider such a bout a spectacle, I?m erring towards it being more of a circus.

Don?t do it Floyd, stay in retirement and enjoy your wealth.