Date: 6th June 2013 at 4:52pm
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James DeGale appears to be a fighter that intends to remain busy.

A mere couple of weeks after making his debut across the pond, DeGale is back in action this Saturday.

DeGale will be defending his WBC Silver super-middleweight title at Bluewater on Saturday against the Bosnian fighter, Stjepan Bozic.

DeGale, eager to land himself a shot at a world title, as he aspires to climb to the top of his profession, sees the contest as a possible stepping stone for a Battle of Britain fight against Carl Froch.

In the build up to the fight this Saturday, DeGale has tried to entice Froch into facing him by remarking,

?I will fight Froch anywhere, anytime, but I honestly believe that he doesn?t fancy climbing in the ring with me.?

?I fancy it with any world champion, but I don?t think Carl Froch will fancy it with me. He says he will end my career, but I think it is the other way around.?

?People put him on a pedestal, where he is a monster no-one can beat, but he has been beaten.?

With fellow Brits George Groves and Nathan Cleverly also goading Froch, it?ll be interesting to see who the Nottingham fighter engages with next time out.

However, if I were to be brutally honest I reckon that DeGale might fit somewhere in the middle of the three if Froch is keen on a ?Battle of Britain? contest.

Of the three contenders, I?d surmise that Froch might be tempted to opt to take on Cleverly, with the Nottingham fighter looking to claim a big scalp ahead of a clash with Andre Ward.

The least likely to get the nod would be George Groves with Froch probably cautious about taking on a fighter who is ambitious and keen to make a serious statement.

As for DeGale, let?s just say I reckon he fits in between the aforementioned two. Froch may be tempted to take on the classier of the three boxers but looking back at how Groves managed to end the Olympian?s unbeaten record.

So my take on it, if a ?Battle of Britain? fight were to take place, would be:-

? Froch v Cleverly

Froch v DeGale

Froch v Groves

How about you, what are you views on Froch engaging in a ?Battle of Britain? fight?

Who do you think would emerge victorious in the three proposed fights listed above?


2 Replies to “DeGale Wants Froch Fight”

  • I still reckon Froch will pick an easy opponent to save himself for Andre Ward but if he were to go British, I reckon it’s Groves, despite your strong argument he’d opt for.

  • I disagree, I reckon Froch might up the ante for a Ward fight by taking Cleverly to task, it’d be a classic

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