Date: 14th November 2013 at 4:47pm
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But has he called it right?

Having been beaten by George Groves twice, once in the amateur ranks and once in the professional ranks, James DeGale has no doubt who is going to win the forthcoming clash between Groves and the IBF champion Carl Froch.

DeGale who fights the American, Dyah Davis, on Saturday, reckons Froch will knock Groves out but then goes on to suggest afight with Groves, for the world title, would be a bigger seller than one against Froch, or as DeGale puts it,

?Froch will win in Manchester by knockout. I want him to win ? but business wise I want Groves.?

?Groves and me for the world title would be a bigger fight than Carl and me right now.?

?Between me and ugly kid, it?s always been personal.?

I think Groves might, if he lands the world title belt, just tell DeGale that he had his chance and he can join the queue again!