Date: 20th July 2015 at 3:59pm
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The reverberations in regard to the outrageous scoring at the Manchester Arena, on Saturday night, when the world title fight between Anthony Crolla and Darleys Perez was given as a majority draw, continue to generate news column inches.

The revelation that one of the scores read out by Michael Buffer was incorrect as well, meaning that the three score cards should have read:-

? 113-113
? 113-113
? 116-111 (in favour of Crolla)

makes what happened even more disturbing.

As Crolla?s camp continue to mull over what might have been, the challenger has remarked, in the Daily Mirror about the injustice of it all,

?I feel absolutely devastated

?I was asking myself whether I had done enough but when Perez had two points deducted I thought I?d won the belt.

?I?m hoping my team can persuade Perez to do it all again but he might want to stay away from me after the way the fight ended.?

And his manager, Eddie Hearn, quoted in the same media source, added,

?I felt Anthony won the fight by four rounds. I?ve already sent an e-mail to Gilberto Mendoza at the WBA, complaining about the scoring. We will be petitioning for an immediate re-match with Darley?s Perez.

?Failing that, I will just pay him to come because we could fill this arena with Anthony Crolla fighting for the world title.?

I?ve no doubt Eddie could, there was an amazing atmosphere on Saturday evening but the big question for me relates to Anthony Crolla, could the Manchester fighter scale those same heights again and trouble a champion who didn?t look as good as many made out he would be?