Date: 15th November 2014 at 10:10am
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Yesterday we ran an article whereby we covered how Tony Bellew thought he?d deal with Nathan Cleverly in their forthcoming clash a week tonight.

Therefore, it?s only fair we let Nathan have his say as he looks forward to a second meeting with his rival from Liverpool.

Speaking to the media, Cleverly has spoken about how he feels much better fighting at cruiserweight, commenting,

‘I feel physically and mentally better.’

?I’ve made a few changes since the Kovalev fight that’s reinvigorated me, freshened me up.?

‘I’ve done it properly. I’ve come into the cruiserweight division properly, I haven’t rushed. I feel in a great place at the moment.’

Those words auger well for a decent fight, but after losing his WBO light-heavyweight title to Sergey Kovalev, there was talk of retirement with the Welshman having lost his appetite for the sport, thankfully that appetite seems to have been restored with Cleverly positively buzzing about the scrap next week and all the hype surrounding it, with Cleverly adding,

‘I like being involved in these big fights.?

‘It’s not only the actual physical aspect of the fight and being involved in tough fights, it’s the build-up, it?s the hype around the fight, the adrenaline.?

‘It’s something you don’t get from just a normal fight. It does get the fire burning.’

They say a week can be a long time in sport, well I hope it?s not too long as I can?t wait until next Saturday, the 22nd of November, how about you?