Date: 25th November 2014 at 5:29pm
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Following the split decision loss Nathan Cleverly suffered at the hands of Tony Bellew at the Liverpool Echo Arena, on Saturday night, the Welsh boxer has a lot of thinking to do.

Although the loss was only the second of his career, both losses have come at critical periods.

The first, to Sergey Kovalev saw the Welsh fighter lose his light-heavyweight title and then go on to admit that the defeat may have seen him fall out of love with the sport and contemplate retirement.

The second, to old rival Tony Bellew, has seen any immediate dreams of Cleverly fighting for a world cruiserweight title dashed.

However, it is being reported that Cleverly, in these troubled times, is perhaps contemplating a move that many of us wouldn?t have perceived logical, namely a move back down to light-heavyweight with Cleverly remarking on the subject:-

‘It’s hard at this weight. Bellew was a heavyweight as an amateur coming down so he’s naturally the bigger guy.’

?I?m trying to pump into the cruiserweight division, but it comes at a cost.’

Indeed it appears it does and I?m pondering over whether Cleverly is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea whereby he?s not quite big enough to be a cruiserweight but isn?t quite small enough to be a light-heavyweight?