Date: 18th August 2014 at 5:13pm
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My, oh my, they?re suffering from a dose of sour grapes across the pond!

Following on from Kell Brook?s fantastic night, over in Carson City, whereby he wrestled Shawn Porter?s IBF heavyweight crown from his grasp to return home as the ?new? champion of the world, there?s a strange noise coming from the good old US.

Everywhere you look there?s this bleating that Brook didn?t deserve to win and that he should have been disqualified by the referee for his constant holding of Porter.

Well let?s set the record straight!

Brook won the fight fair and square, if not ask yourselves why Porter?s corner seemed downbeat after round 12 had ended and didn?t go over the top like American?s have a habit of doing so.

Also ask yourselves why most of the audience melted away into the night as soon as the final bell was rung.

Ask yourselves why two American judges, in their own backyard, gave the decision to Brook.

The simple reason being that Brook?s skills won the fight, Porter was charging in, swinging wildly but rarely connecting. At times it looked as if he was trying to hit someone stood behind Brook, so wild were his lunges.

Now as for the holding accusation, Brook had no option what with Porter coming steaming in, leaping in with his head and using bar-room brawling tactics, hence the opening of the cut above Brook?s eye in the second round.

When instructed to break, Brook did every time, unlike Porter who, at times desperately tried to rub his head into the gaping cut above Brook?s eye.

It may not have been a fight for the connoisseur, it may not have matched Lloyd Honeyghan?s destruction of Don Curry, but Brook done what few British fighters have done, go to the US and win the title off of a home champion!