Date: 1st December 2015 at 7:42am
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The candidates for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, for 2015, were announced yesterday evening.

Amongst a lengthy list of potential winners? is the name of Tyson Fury. However, we have our doubts as to whether Tyson?s name would have been on the list if things had turned out differently in Dusseldorf on Saturday evening.

But his name is on the list and, too many, there couldn?t be a better winner especially when you consider his achievement in beating Wladimir Klitschko.

However, Tyson doesn?t reckon he?s got a cat-in-hells chance of winning it, remarking about the possibility,

?I haven?t got a chance.?

?I will never win Sports Personality of the Year so there is no point in me thinking about it.

?They won?t let me win it. I am too controversial and outspoken, not good. If I win it, I win it and if I don?t. I am not bothered.?

But, the outspoken Fury, does go on to suggest, in no uncertain terms, he believes he is the rightful winner of the trophy, further adding,

?Has anyone else beaten a super champion like Klitschko this year? I took Klitschko out and took away all his belts.

?Lewis Hamilton has won the Formula 1 championship and Andy Murray has won the Davis Cup.

?Hamilton can win a race but it doesn?t mean anything.

?Murray can win or lose a tennis match and still have his popularity.

?But who, out of all these people, beat Klitschko who they said could not be beaten? The answer is Tyson ?Too Fast? Fury.?

Do you reckon Tyson Fury should take the award or, as he says, he too outspoken to even be in with a chance?