Date: 25th September 2017 at 5:24pm
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Boxers are a breed apart, a unique breed that gain our admiration.

On Saturday night, in Inglewood in California, Luke Campbell almost pulled off one of the biggest upsets in recent boxing history.

The fighter from Hull challenged Jorge Linares for his WBA lightweight belt, the very Linares that ended Kevin Mitchell?s career and beat Anthony Crolla in two world title fights.

Not many people gave Campbell a chance, most expected Linares, with his powerful punching, to stop the Olympic 2012 gold medal winner.

But Campbell, despite suffering an early visit to the canvas, almost pulled off the impossible, losing only on a slit decision.

After the fight though, Campbell revealed a secret that makes his achievement all the more remarkable.

Just two weeks before the fight, Campbell?s father died, succumbing to the ravages of cancer that he was diagnosed with back in 2014.

But Campbell didn?t tell anyone, apart from those close to him, instead he did his best win a world title that he knew would have made his dad so proud.

After the fight Campbell talked about his personal agony, remarking to the media,

‘I probably cried once a day. I had to try and shut feelings off. After the fight I had a good cry.

‘I didn’t want anyone to know.’

Before further adding,

‘If someone had found out I would have denied it. I didn’t want Linares’ camp thinking it was a weakness. I didn’t want them thinking I was hurt.

‘The only thing that kept me going is I know what my dad would have wanted for me. To fight and to win.’

A remarkable young man and a fighter who will, one day soon, grab a version of the world title he so deserves.