Date: 27th March 2016 at 11:32am
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The Olympic gold medal winner, from the 2012 games, was looking to bounce back from the defeat inflicted by Yvan Mendy.

Fighting Gary Sykes for the vacant Commonwealth title, Campbell was to produce the calibre of performance everybody hoped he had in his locker.

After a first round that was, quite possibly, even, Campbell stepped up to stop Sykes in the second round.

Sykes hit the canvas after being caught and although he got back to his feet, Campbell unload a flurry of punches that caught Sykes to the head and body and as he was on his way down for the second time the referee stepped in to stop the fight just as Sykes corner threw the towel in.

It was a decent comeback for Luke Campbell, after the loss last time out and a potential golden by of the lightweight division.