Date: 13th June 2017 at 4:47pm
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It was inevitable it should happen but sometimes, in boxing, you have to expect the unexpected.

The erratic scoring of the Lee Haskins v Ryan Burnett fight, whereby the Belfast fighter clearly won by a wide-margin on points, but Haskins was given the verdict by one judge, Clark Sammartino, amazed everyone.

Clearly something wasn?t quite right and Eddie Hearn, talking to the media, suspected that something was clearly amiss.

It turned out that Sammartino got the fighters mixed up and ticked the wrong boxes, scoring the fight 118 ? 109 in favour of Haskins when he meant to score it to Burnett.

Hearn hoped that the result of the fight would be changed from ?split decision? to ?unanimous decision? in the aftermath of the debacle.

Well, it turns out that will be the case with an IBF statement reading,

?It should have been a unanimous decision in favour of Burnett. An error of this nature and at this level should not have occurred.?

On reflection it was shocking but in a strange way amusing as well.