Date: 28th October 2013 at 4:53pm
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Following his excellent performance on Saturday night, up in Sheffield, against Senchenko, Kell Brook is eyeing up future opponents.

One fighter he has in his sights is Bolton?s high-profile fighter, Amir Khan.

In trying to goad Khan into a fight that would be a tense all-British fight, Brook has been far from complimentary about the fighter who has ambitions of fighting Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Speaking to the media, this is what Brook had to say,

?Khan is on the slide, his best years are behind him.?

?He?s been put down at every weight he has fought at and he?s not as good as he thinks he is ? it is all hype.?

?Does he want to fight me? I think not because he knows I can knock him out.?

?Of course I?d love to fight him but he is chasing Mayweather and you have to ask what has he done to deserve such a fight??

?I?ve worked my whole career to get into the mandatory position, Khan has always had it easy.?

?I?ll fight Khan any time but he doesn?t want it because he knows the result.?

There are some contentious points there though. Khan probably has no interest in a fight with Brook as he?d view it as a step backwards, perhaps, somewhere down the lion, if Brook holds a word title belt, it may happen.

Also, Khan having it easy is far from true, Amir has been in some right wars and has always showed true Brit grit.

Khan might offer, in reply, Brook has ducked Devon Alexander twice!

But moving on, Brook?s manager, Eddie Hearn has added to the discussion,

?We have this obligation to the IBF to fight Alexander but there are plenty of other options.?

?Khan would be a huge fight in Britain, either at the Reebok Stadium or maybe, Brammall Lane. We would love it if Mayweather falls through.?

I bet you would, the chance to fill a stadium and put on a show, but don?t write Amir off, he?s a tough cookie and still has ambitions of his own and he has world title pedigree, something Brook has yet to prove on the biggest stage of all.