Date: 24th May 2017 at 12:45pm
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The events of Monday evening sickened us all.

The death of so many people and with others seeing their lives changed forever by brutal injuries caused by a maniac with a bomb, angers us all.

The fact that it was at the Manchester Arena, a venue that has hosted many a boxing promotion, makes you ponder about the fragility of life.

This Saturday, Bramall Lane hosts an Eddie Hearn promotion that sees Kell Brook take on Errol Spence at the top of the bill.

A crowd of 26,000 is expected and following the events of Monday evening, there will be a very heavy police presence, after the height of security across the country was raised to critical.

It is expected that although there will be a heavy police presence, additional precautions will be taken before spectators are admitted to Bramall Lane.

It appears that everybody will be thoroughly searched and that bags will not be allowed to be taken through the turnstiles.

If that is the case then so be it, if that is what it takes for life to go on and prove that, despite their brutality, the terrorists won?t be allowed to win, then it gets my might.

As for Monday night, our thoughts are with all those who are suffering.