Date: 5th June 2017 at 7:01pm
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The last time we saw Bradley Saunders in the ring his fight ended in controversy.

The Sedgefield boxer was fighting Renald Garrido but was disqualified for headbutting his opponent.

That fight was back in September 2015 and the disqualification came about due to his frustration at the hand injuries he?d sustained during the fight.

Bradley Saunders hasn?t fought since that night.

However, the 31-year-old is now back on the comeback trail and is looking forward to getting his boxing career back on track after becoming tired of living a normal life.

Talking to his local BBC news vehicle, BBC Tees, Bradley has remarked about coming back to the sport,

‘I let my hands recover and not just that, I actually lived a normal life.

‘I’d lived a secluded boxing life since I was eight years old and it came a time where I needed a break. Having beans on toast for Christmas dinner is not much of a life.

‘I enjoyed every single minute of the ‘normal’ life, eating normal food, having a glass of wine and going out with the lads. But now I’m a bit sick of it.’

And at the age of thirty-one, it appears Bradley has every intention of doing things properly this time around, further adding,

‘I’ve never done a diet properly, the only thing I’ve ever done properly is train hard.

‘I’ve done my own thing but it’s time for me to do it properly and start listening.

‘I’ll start listening to my nutritionist, and strength coach, I’ve always listened to my coach but I need to listen to my whole team.’

Bradley Saunders makes his ring return on 23rd June.

Let?s hope it goes well for the lad.