Date: 20th September 2015 at 1:33pm
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On the under-card at the Olympia, in Liverpool, Bradley Saunders lost the first professional fight of his career.

Entering the fight with a record that read 11-0, with 9 wins coming by way of knockout, Saunders found himself the victim of a disqualification against the French fighter Renald Garrido.

As the fight entered the sixth round Saunders, who many perceived was well behind on points, was floored by his opponent Although Saunders managed to beat the count it would appear that a rush of blood to the head saw Saunders decide that the best way to exact revenge for the knockdown was to execute the perfect head-butt on his opponent.

With his head snapped back by the full-force of the head-butt Garrido rightly retreated and waited for the referee to do the correct thing and disqualify Saunders.

Whether further action will be taken against Saunders remains to be seen but it wasn?t what we expected of the previously unbeaten fighter and not something we like to see in the ring.