Date: 22nd October 2015 at 6:52pm
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With some rather brash talk about his son being the one to topple Gennady Golovkin from his rightful place at the top of the middleweight tree, Chris Eubank has also announced that he has handed over complete training of his son to a familiar face.

It seems that Chris Eubank has decided that his son, Chris Eubank Junior, will be solely trained by Adam Booth.

Senior sees Booth as the perfect trainer to take Junior all the way to a world title with Senior remarking to the media,

?I?m looking to have Adam polish junior?s fierceness. Junior is actually listening and applying everything he?s being told.

?I?ve actually given him carte blanch to do as he sees fit. Junior is responding very well to his advice. It gives me the ability to step back. He is his own man, and he does have the ability that I?m saying he has. We can mould him into anything that we feel, which is what Adam and I are doing. We see flashes of brilliance. With any kind of steering, which is what we?re getting with Adam Booth, I think we can do it now, but time; it?s just time. In my view, look at Junior and look at Gennady Golovkin. I see junior having the beating of him. If he took the fight now it would, it would bring him to the next level.?

It might but that level I?m pretty sure wouldn?t be enough to see the reigning IBF / IBO / WBA middleweight champion defeated.