Date: 13th August 2013 at 4:38pm
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The Haye v Fury showdown draws ever close as the British fight public await an eagerly anticipated clash between two domestic giants.

Many expect Haye to blow Fury away inside the first three rounds but I?m not so sure and, thankfully, Haye seems intent on ensuring his pre-fight preparations are top notch.

Today, various news sources are reporting that Haye has asked the rising American heavyweight sensation, Deontay Wilder, to join his sparring team.

Wilder, some six feet seven inches tall, is two inches shorter than Fury and the assumption is that Haye wants to use Wilder to get accustomed, once again, to fighting taller men.

Talking about the offer of joining the Haye camp, Wilder is quoted, in the media, as having remarked,

?We?re considering that. I wouldn?t mind going to England to help David out against Tyson Fury. I went to David?s camp before when I got him ready for the Klitschko fight, it will be even better this time because I?m a more seasoned professional now.?

Let?s hope, if Wilder does come across for some sparring, Haye doesn?t walk onto one of those giant right hands the American throws and gets his senses scrambled!