Date: 24th February 2017 at 12:54pm
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The last two days have seen Vital Boxing run articles relating to the possible behaviour of David Haye and Tony Bellew ahead of the proposed promotional meeting, in Liverpool, this Monday.

Both protagonists have talked the talk about not holding back if the others behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable.

David Haye even talked about the possibility of something happening that could see the fight called off, requesting that a fence be constructed to keep the two brawlers apart.

What nonsense, whatever happened to good old fashioned restraint.

Thankfully, a leading official at the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC), Robert Smith, has stepped forward with a simple plea, requesting both boxers to simply behave, remarking,

?Both have been told to behave.

?What do you do, tape their mouths shut?

?None of it is needed to sell tickets.?

It?s not but if we do witness any scenes that shame boxing, at the meeting in Liverpool, both boxers should feel the full force of the powers the BBBoC has.

We can?t afford to see the good name of our sport dragged into the gutter again.