Date: 29th September 2017 at 6:23pm
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After David Haye had, a week or so ago, declared that he?d signed his part of the contract and was wondering whether Tony Bellew would do likewise, we now know he has.

The second fight between these two pugilists who have so much to say, will take place on 17th December at the O2 Arena, in London.

Haye will be looking to get revenge on the fighter who stopped him in round eleven, back in March, whilst Bellew will want to show, once again, he?s the better fighter.

Bellew, championing his cause to the media, has remarked,

‘I’ll be victorious and end Haye’s career. Another loss to me closes the curtain on the Hayemaker,

‘I will have the exact same attitude I had going into the first fight – win at all costs.’

Whereas Haye, determined to get his revenge, has remarked,

‘Last time the script was thrown out the window and the unpredictability of sport revealed itself in its most raw form.

‘Bellew somehow won the lottery in our first fight, but believe me, he won’t win the lottery twice.

‘I’ve been training every day for over six months. I already feel fitter, stronger and more athletic than I did for our first showdown. I will relish the opportunity to re-write the ending of the Haye-Bellew story.’

All I?m hoping is that we don?t get the same trash-talk build-up to this fight that disgraced the first fight!


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  • Could be the end of the Hayemaker . . . until he runs out of money and has to talk up another fight

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