Date: 9th May 2017 at 3:54pm
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In Leeds on Saturday night, Nicola Adams will be having her second fight as a professional.

After beating the Argentine fighter Virginia Carcamo on her professional debut, Adams wasn?t too impressed at the two-minute round format.

Fighting on the undercard in Leeds, the first time the Double Olympic champion will have fought in her home city for twenty years, Adams will be fighting over four three-minute rounds.

Her opponent on Saturday night is the Mexican fighter Maryan Salazar, an eighteen-year-old who has lost just once in six professional contests.

Talking about the switch to three-minute rounds, Adams has enthused,

‘I have two minutes to find my rhythm, distance and take out my opponent. It’s not enough time.

‘I found by the end of the rounds, I needed a couple more seconds and it would be over.

‘Now we have three minutes, I’m able to relax more, establish the jab, find the rhythm properly and really get in the swing of things.’

It?ll certainly be interesting to see if the additional minute makes all the difference.