Date: 23rd April 2015 at 12:04pm
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The commotion relating to ticket availability for the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, appears to have been finally sorted out.

It?s expected that tickets will, eventually, be available today (Thursday) although they won?t be cheap.

Of the 16,000 seats available, we?ve already been told that only 1,000 will be available to the general public with the others going to the fighters, the casino, sponsors and the promoters.

It?s a small percentage of tickets that will inevitably result in people, lucky enough to be able to get their hands on one, possibly trading it on the black market. I mean who wouldn?t when £1,000 (for the cheapest seats) could quite easily be converted into £60,000.

But, if you can?t get a ticket for the MGM Grand auditorium, in Las Vegas, there is also the option of watching the fight live at one of the various closed circuit seats, in properties owned by the MGM, this will cost you £100 a piece.

Or perhaps, if you live here in the UK, just cough up the £20 Sky want and watch the whole historic event unfold in front of your eyes!