Date: 16th September 2013 at 4:50pm
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If ever confirmation was needed that boxers are a hardy bunch then the last couple of weeks have proven that to be just the case.

Up in Glasgow last weekend, in the Ricky Burns v Raymundo Beltran fight, the Scots fighter fought for some ten rounds with a broken jaw, an injury that required the insertion of some titanium plates to enable Burns to stand any chance of him being able to continue his career.

And Saturday night, in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather, it is being reported, dislocated his elbow in the fifth round but managed to fight on regardless and defeat his challenger.

Talking about the accident, Mayweather is quoted as having remarked,

?We bumped arms. That?s when I dislocated my left elbow. I looked at my children and thought ?I can?t give it up?

But I bet that damn hurt once the adrenalin rush eased off!