Date: 25th July 2013 at 4:55pm
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The MEN Arena, on September 28th, will be a venue crackling with anticipation as David Haye and Tyson Fury collide in the ring.

The fight may still be a couple of months away but its magnitude is such that it will generate numerous column inches.

Today, Tyson Fury has spoken about wanting a special person in his life to see him take on the former heavyweight champion of the world, namely his dad John.

Unfortunately, John is a bit indisposed at this moment in time serving time for wounding. However the Fury family are hopeful that John, who was in Tyson?s corner for the first fourteen fights of his career, is hoping that John could be allowed out under strict supervision, commenting to the media,

?Dad would love to be there and we?re putting in an appeal.?

?My dad being there would be great and we are going to see if it?s possible.?

?If he cannot make it, I will visit him the next day and tell him all about it.?

Not too sure he?ll be that interested if Haye, as many suspect, knocks you out.

Continuing, Peter Fury is also quoted as having remarked about the situation,

?It would be grand if John can be there at the bout.?

?He is due some weekend leave to see the family.?

?I?m sure the topic of conversation will be boxing.?

It probably will but as for John being allowed special dispensation to see his son, Tyson, in action, I?m sure I?m not alone in being slightly baffled at the cheek of the Fury clan!


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