Date: 6th October 2014 at 7:39pm
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As Kell Brook recuperates and prepares for a February comeback, the Sheffield fighter has come up with a sensible plan.

With time running out to face Floyd Mayweather Junior, with the legendary American fighter set, supposedly, to call it a day after two more fights, Brook has spoken about setting up a ?fight-off? to decide whether he or Amir Khan should be Mayweather?s final opponent next May.

This is what Brook has had to say,

‘People want to see Mayweather tested and I am unbeaten. I think that fight needs to happen.?

‘People are talking about him and Khan but Khan has not even fought at welterweight. ?

‘I think me and Khan should fight for the right to take on Mayweather. That is the obvious thing to me.?

‘Let’s see who the real king of England is, even though we all know it is me. I am a world champion, he’s not.?

‘I want to put this to bed. I know what will happen in the fight.’

Is it a plan that will come to fruition or has Mayweather already plotted out the remainder of his career?